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A humanitarian at heart, Ashley Arden is passionate about participatory democracy, indigenous rights & environmental justice.

Born and raised in East Vancouver, Ashley spent 5 years with the David Suzuki Foundation before joining Hoggan & Associates as the Research Manager for the much anticipated follow-up to Climate Cover Up: The Polluted Public Square.

As Chair & Co-Founder of the Eka Co-Cultured Communities Cooperative, a non-profit community service cooperative that brings together individuals, communities and organizations committed to moving beyond multiculturalism, Ashley also works closely with indigenous refugee communities in Vancouver to help improve socio-economic integration outcomes.

She is also wrapping up a Masters in Ethno-Political Conflict at Royal Roads University, where her thesis is exploring the use of community dialogue as a practical tool for addressing sticky public policy issues in Canada.

Outside the office, she can be found in myriad East Van coffee shops drawing up schemes for one of her many ‘projects’ or boarding down the Seymour slopes.



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