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Stonehouse Standing Circle Annual Summit

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The gravest challenge facing the world today is not climate change. The gravest problem is our inability to engage, inspire and mobilize members of the public to take action, individually and collectively. At a time when climate scientists have defined the technical problem – and when the most progressive entrepreneurs have begun to offer solutions – we find that our most daunting challenge comes in trying to inspire a critical mass of people to change social norms and to support necessary policy innovation at every level of government.

The Stonehouse Standing Circle was created to grapple with such a problem. Stonehouse is an evolving collaboration of leading academics and front-line communications professionals, a group with the theoretical expertise to understand barriers to action and the practical experience to overcome those barriers. Together, this group has the potential to conceive and design the best methods to achieve public engagement and to inspire political action on a range of social challenges – climate change perhaps first among them.

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