Briony Penn

Briony Penn, adjunct professor at the School of Environmental Studies, University of Victoria,  has spent the last 20 years as an environmental writer, educator, naturalist, broadcaster, artist and lecturer. She has one of the longest running environmental columns in BC covering climate change and biodiversity issues on the coast of BC since 1991, developing a distinctive popular angle to scientific topics. She was one of the last Canadian TV environmental broadcasters with a regional news network.

After a two year stint with federal politics to support Stephane Dion's Green Shift initiative, she moved into ecosystem services (carbon) valuation for local government, community forests, first nations and land trusts.   She has been developing provincial offset tools for land use conservation and improved forest management in BC, where carbon emissions from industrial land uses, e.g., logging and slash burning,  constitute over half of all BC's emissions.  She has also been advocating for an integrated nature and climate action strategy with an alliance of ENGOs, editing the landmark peer-reviewed Pojar Report, A New Climate for Conservation, that was endorsed by top climate scientists. In her feature articles, she has been reviewing environmental psychology around climate change awareness and this remains a key area of interest.

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