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How to stop global warming - even if you don't believe in it!

Meg Bostrom, co-founder of the Topos Partnership, explains in her Washington Post editorial of November 14th why we should stop debating 'if' global warming is happening and focus on the many energy related bipartisan initiatives already on the table.

FrameWorks 2007: Talking Global Warming in Canada

FrameWorks, David Suzuki Foundation, John Lefebvre Foundation

This memo attempts to outline conclusions that have emerged from the FrameWorks research on global warming in Canada over the course of its multi-method inquiry conducted during 2006 and 2007.

The Cultural Cognition Project

How does culture shape the public's views on risk and policy? The Cultural Cognition Project is a group of scholars interested in studying just that at the Yale Law School.

"Scientists React to Nobelist's Climate Thoughts"

A variety of scientists immersed in research on the human influence on climate sent reactions to a pair of central elements in the earlier post — a climate essay in The American Scholar by Robert Laughlin, a Nobel laureate in physics, and a related commentary on Laughlin’s piece by George Will

Climategate, Public Opinion, and the Loss of Trust - New Report from Yale University

Anthony Leiserowitz, Ph.D., Director, Yale Project on Climate Change Communication, released another paper that examines the impact of Climategate on public perceptions of climate change and climate scientists.

Here are the major findings:


Public Belief In Climate Change Starting to Rise

According to two important reports that came out this week public opinion is finally rising again after a year of decline.

Climate Communications and Behavior Change - A Guide for Practitioners

The Social Capital Project
The Climate Leadership Initiative at the University of Oregon

Do Americans' Actions Speak Louder than Words on Energy & Climate?

Dear Friends,

Today we are releasing our latest report: Americans’ Actions to Conserve Energy, Reduce Waste, and Limit Global Warming. In brief, we found that there is a significant gap between Americans’ conservation attitudes and their actual behaviors. For example:

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