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What do Walmart employees have to say about Buy Nothing Day?

Today is Black Friday, and it is also Buy Nothing Day. Created by Kalle Lasn, for some of us, Buy Nothing Day is the only sane response to the frenzied celebration of mass consumerism that is known to most Americans as Black Friday.

Now that we all agree... what will it take to get climate change treated like the crisis it is?

When, the story of the massive geo-engineering project off the coast of Haida Gwaii broke a few weeks ago, it became clear that the mainstream media is well past the need to offer a “balanced” view on the subject of climate science.

Arizona Snow Job

Dialogue, as opposed to debate or confrontation, requires people with opposing opinions find some kind of common ground. This challenge, however, is all too often neglected in favour of a good old-fashioned power-struggle. Usually, this ends well for the party with a greater amount of power (and usually, money).

Reality Politics vs. Reality

If the majority opinion on Wednesday night's presidential debate picked the next political leader of the United States, then Mitt Romney would be working on his inauguration speech.

Talking climate in captivity

Zoos and aquariums are a trusted source of scientific information on climate change, and 82% of visitors to accredited zoos believe climate change is happening.

Holding court with the language of doom

If a giant asteroid was hurtling towards planet earth, the world’s governments, scientists and engineers come together to focus and save the world without any hesitation at all.

What are we SACRIFICING for?

In the late 1980s, the US Department of Energy started making plans to dismantle and decommission old nuclear weapons factories and found they had little choice but to fence off and guard the former sites, to keep people away from the zones of lingering contamination.

Great Resources from the 2011 Stonehouse Standing Circle Summit

Our 2011 Summit brought great minds of all many disciplines together to brainstorm on the subject of bringing climate change back to the top of the public agenda. The outcome of their discussions and a summary of the events can be found here.


According to a recent report by the Yale Project on Climate Change Communications, Americans have not failed to take notice of the heat waves, high winds, droughts and downpours of the past year.

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