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2011 Stonehouse Standing Circle Meeting

Communication experts, psychologists, academics, activists, politicians, theologians, bloggers, scientists and corporate consultants in environment/leadership all came together at the 2011 Stonehouse Standing Circle to take a deep dive into the human mind and motivations behind our failure to get climate back on the public agenda.

"Here comes the Sun" - Paul Krugman (reposted from NYT)

"Let’s face it: a large part of our political class, including essentially the entire G.O.P., is deeply invested in an energy sector dominated by fossil fuels, and actively hostile to alternatives. This political class will do everything it can to ensure subsidies for the extraction and use of fossil fuels, directly with taxpayers’ money and indirectly by letting the industry off the hook for environmental costs, while ridiculing technologies like solar."

ClimateAccess.org Launches!

 Those in government and nonprofits trying to communicate to the public about climate change say that they often lack the time and resources to digest the latest research and incorporate it into their campaigns. ClimateAccess.org is a bridge between researchers and practioners. It is timely, and already over 100 people have signed up!

Global Warming Contradicts Just World Beliefs

A study from the Psychology Department of the University of California, Berkley, offers one possible explanation for how belief in global warming is heading in the opposite direction of the mounting evidence.

How to stop global warming - even if you don't believe in it!

Meg Bostrom, co-founder of the Topos Partnership, explains in her Washington Post editorial of November 14th why we should stop debating 'if' global warming is happening and focus on the many energy related bipartisan initiatives already on the table.

Disaster at the Top of the World

From aboard the Louis S. St-Laurent, Canadian scholar Thomas Homer-Dixen writes,

"It is possible that the changes I’m seeing from the ship deck are the beginning of the climate shock that will awaken us to the danger we face."

Climategate, Public Opinion, and the Loss of Trust - New Report from Yale University

Anthony Leiserowitz, Ph.D., Director, Yale Project on Climate Change Communication, released another paper that examines the impact of Climategate on public perceptions of climate change and climate scientists.

Here are the major findings:


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