A Novel approach to climate communication

You guys aren’t popular. Maybe your medicine’s too bitter. Or you’re not selling to us. Maybe you’re writing us off, thinking we won’t get it....

Just a few reasons, as articulated by the protagonist of Barbara Kingsolver’s latest novel, why scientists who step up to talk about the facts on climate change are so often ignored.

The Art and Craft of Social Change

Marshall Ganz is a Lecturer in Public Policy at the Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. Renowned labor organizer, he is known for organizing the California farm worker movement, and more recently, for playing an instrumental role behind Barack Obama’s electoral campaign. In this 2009 article, he discusses the power of narrative strategy and the ‘story of self’ in developing broad and transformative social movements.

As we explore how to create tipping points, Ganz’s message about communicating values through stories is a critical one to keep in mind.

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