Lenihan on the Need for Governments to Harness the Power of the Public

In a recent interview with The Hill Times, vice-president of engagement at Canada’s Public Policy Forum in Ottawa and author of Rescuing Policy: The Case For Public Engagement, Don Lenihan discusses the growing complexity of public policy issues and need for governments to respond with greater citizen engagement. 

2011 Stonehouse Standing Circle Meeting

Communication experts, psychologists, academics, activists, politicians, theologians, bloggers, scientists and corporate consultants in environment/leadership all came together at the 2011 Stonehouse Standing Circle to take a deep dive into the human mind and motivations behind our failure to get climate back on the public agenda.

Is The Environmental Community More Concerned About Being Right Than Being Effective?

 What is the best design for a national climate change engagement, education and communications campaign? How do we encourage Canadians (and Americans) to support local, regional and national policies to reduce emissions through either passive acceptance or vocal demand?

This new paper outlines what leading communication thinkers and social change practitioners have to say about these difficult questions.

David Suzuki on the mistakes of environmentalism

 In this April 15 Globe and Mail article, David Suzuki discusses legacy,  the David Suzuki Foundation and mistakes of the environmental movement, including underestimating corporations' ability to confuse, 'ghettoizing'  environmental issues and insufficiently educating children in the early days.

John Mashey on 'The Machinery of Climate Anti-Science'

 Dr. John Mashey is a computer scientist who recently got involved in studying climate science and anti-science and has and also published reports on DeSmogBlog.
On April 7, 2011, he delivered a lecture entitled ‘The Machinery of Climate Anti-Science’ at the University of British Columbia as part of the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions’ Seminar Series, where he exposed some of the main elements and strategies of the climate deniers to deter climate policy and action.

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