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Looking for “hope.”

Now that the amount of carbon in our atmosphere has officially reached 400 parts per million (a level only previously experienced on earth 3 million years ago), what now? Maureen E.

Earth Day

The first Earth Day, in 1970, was marked by the presence of some 20 million bodies in the streets, twelve thousand events, and more than thirty-five thousand speakers. I wasn’t there, but it  seems that alongside all of the street-sweeping, learning and protesting, there was a whole lot of celebrating.

Let the market decide

I figured they’d make good decisions for me, since they had money on the line and wanted to see their investment appreciate. - Kenneth Michael Merrill, “KmikeyM”

Leaning forward, leading change

Until two weeks ago, I had never heard of Mount Milligan, but I have not been able to stop thinking about it since the day I did. I’ve even dreamt about it, and I’ve been wondering if it is actually possible for me to make all the complicated arrangements necessary to make the twelve-hour road-trip with my car-seat-hating baby to this place I’ve never been.

“Go global,” make connections

In his call for localized and culturally sensitive stories on climate change, M Sanjayan brought forward the example of restoring a local water shed to deal with Santiago’s climate-related tap water shortages.

A Novel approach to climate communication

You guys aren’t popular. Maybe your medicine’s too bitter. Or you’re not selling to us. Maybe you’re writing us off, thinking we won’t get it....

Just a few reasons, as articulated by the protagonist of Barbara Kingsolver’s latest novel, why scientists who step up to talk about the facts on climate change are so often ignored.

Protest for the sake of...

In his documentary, Occupy Love, director Velcrow Ripper looks to the Arab Spring, Movimiento 15-M, a Tar Sands Healing Walk and Occupy Wall St. to answer the question: how can the crisis we’re facing be a love story?

Will melting glaciers mobilize the critical mass?

Are we finally hitting a tipping point on climate change?

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