Creative Biotechnology: Connecting People & Fish Through Art

The New York Times featured Australian artist Natalie Jeremijenko's "Amphibious Architecture" installation this week, where you can text and even share a meal with fish in the East River. A professor at NYU, Jeremijenko's work is addressing  environmentalism's 'crisis of agency' through 'interspecies congress' – creative installations that facilitate interaction between humans and non-humans. Her lab, the Environmental Health Clinic, blends art, engineering, environmentalism, and biochemistry to create real-life perscriptions that improve the 'impatient's' environmental health.

The NYT article is a great read. There's also one in Fast Company. You can find out more on 'Amphibious Architecture' here and her other projects here. And definitely check out her TedTalk, 'The Art of Eco-Mindshift'.

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