Angus McAllister
President, McAllister Opinion Research

Angus McAllister is President of McAllister Opinion Research. His firm uses an array of innovative research methodologies to help clients better understand what works and what doesn’t work in reaching customers, stakeholders and citizens. Angus has conducted research and advised on campaigns in over a dozen developed & developing countries. Clients include organizations like Shell, Suncor, BASF, Ford, DuPont, Nueva Group, Dep Schwarzkopf, Sarah Lee, Dundee Securities, WWF, Greenpeace, David Suzuki, Pew Trusts and various national government agencies. Prior to founding his firm, Angus McAllister served as VP Global Research with Ipsos-Reid and Environics. He has a Master’s degree and is a qualified member of ESOMAR, the international professional body for opinion research. Angus, however, believes that what most qualifies him for his profession is 7 years he spent commercial fishing off the coast of British Columbia. As with fishing, polling is about peering beneath the surface and making inferences about what lies beneath. One learns quickly that in both disciplines, getting it wrong will leave you empty-handed. 


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